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Business Directory in Codnor, Derbyshire

The following directory categories are available within Business Directory.

Group Name Local Other Total
Adhesive Manufacture And Distribution 2 2
Advertising Agency Services Search More
Aerial Photography Search More
Agricultural Engineers Search More
Agricultural Supplies Search More
Arboricultural Consultants Search More
Architectural Metalwork Search More
Art Galleries And Dealers Search More
Asbestos Surveying & Removal Services Search More
Asphalt & Macadam Laying Contractors Search More
Audio Production Companies Search More
Author 1 1
Bath Re-Enamelling And Surfacing Search More
Bearings Stockists 1 1
Boatbuilders Search More
Boiler Manufacturers Search More
Brewers Search More
Building Construction Contractors 1 3 4
Business Information Services 1 1 2
Cabinet Makers 1 1
Cable And Wire Supplier 1 1
Calibration Equipment Services Search More
Carbon Products Search More
Cash And Carry Wholesalers 1 1
Cash Register And Epos Equipment Search More
Catering Food And Drink Suppliers Search More
CCTV & Video Equipment 1 4 5
Ceramic Manufacturers (Supplies And Services) Search More
Chemical Manufacturers 1 1
Civil Engineers 2 2
Cladding Suppliers And Contractors 1 1
Cleaning Contracting Commercial 1 2 3
Cleaning Materials And Equipment 1 1
Clothing And Fabric Manufacturers Search More
Clothing Wholesale And Suppliers Search More
Composites Manufacturers 2 2
Compressors Search More
Computer Consumables Suppliers Search More
Computer Software (Development) 1 1
Computer Software (Sales) 1 1
Concrete Contractors Search More
Conference Centres And Facilities Search More
Copywriting 1 1 2
Corporate Promotional Products Search More
Cosmetics Manufacture Search More
Credit Related Institutions Search More
Debt Collection Agencies Search More
Dental Technicians 1 1 2
Detective Agencies Search More
Dog Breeders Search More
Double Glazing Suppliers Search More
Drilling Contractors 1 1
Ducting 1 1
Electric Motor (Sales And Servicing) Search More
Electrical Engineers 1 1
Electricity Generating Equipment Search More
Electronic Engineers Search More
Electronic Equipment And Component Manufacture Search More
Electronic Equipment Distributor 1 1
Energy Assessor Search More
Engineers (Consulting) 3 3
Engineers (General) 1 1
Engines (Sales And Service) 1 1
Environmental Consultants 1 1
EPoS Solutions Search More
Estate Management Services Search More
Exhibition Services 1 1
Explosives (Engineers) Search More
Export Services 1 1
Farming (Arable) Search More
Farming (Dairy) 1 1
Farming (Livestock) Search More
Farming (Mixed) 1 1 2
Fastenings & Fixings - Supply Search More
Filter Manufacturers Search More
Fire Protection Consultants And Engineers 1 1
Floorcoverings (Manufacturers And Wholesalers) 1 1
Flying School Search More
Food Product Distribution 1 1
Food Product Manufacturers 2 2
Food Wholesaler Search More
Footwear Suppliers Search More
Furniture Manufacturers 3 3
Garment & Clothing Designers Search More
Gas Pipeline Consultants 1 1
Giftware Manufacturers 1 1
Gourmet Food Suppliers Search More
Graphic Designers 2 1 3
Groundwork Contractors Search More
Health & Safety Equipment 1 1
Hinge Manufacturers Search More
Holding Companies Management Activities Search More
Hot Tub & Swimming Pool Retailers 1 1
HR Services Search More
Hydraulic Engineers 1 1
Hydraulic Equipment & Accessories Search More
Hygiene Products Manufacture Search More
Industrial Machinery Suppliers And Manufacturers 1 1
It Consultants 1 1
Journalist Search More
Ladder Manufacturer Search More
Land Surveying Activities Search More
Lifting Equipment 1 1
Lighting Consultants Search More
Lightning Conductor Installer Search More
Lingerie Manufacturers Search More
Livestock Breeders 1 1
Lubricating Oils Manufacturers Search More
Luggage Wholesale Search More
Management And Business Consultants 1 1
Manufacturer of Materials Testing Equipment 1 1
Marine Surveyors Search More
Marketing Consultants 1 1
Matting Manufacturers Of Search More
Metal Casting 1 1
Metal Coatings & Finishings Search More
Metal Fabricators 3 3
Metal Stockists Search More
Musical Instrument Manufacturers Search More
Musical Instrument Repairs Search More
Musical Instrument Sales / Rental Search More
Non Ferrous Metals Production Search More
Oil And Gas Exploration Services Search More
Packaging Materials Mnfrs & Suppliers 1 1
Paint And Coating Sprayers 1 1
Paint Manufacturer Search More
Pallet Supply Search More
Paranormal Investigations Search More
Pharmaceutical Suppliers And Wholesalers Search More
Plant And Machinery Maintenance 1 1
Plant Hire And Leasing 1 1
Plant Nursery Search More
Plastic Extruders Search More
Plastic Product Manufacturers Of 1 1
Plastics And Plastic Product Suppliers 1 1
Plumbers Merchants Search More
Pottery 1 1
Precision Engineers Search More
Property Auctions Search More
Property Developers 2 2
Protective Clothing And Workwear Search More
Public House Management Services Search More
Public Relations Consultants Search More
Pumps Sales And Servicing Search More
Racking & Storage Solutions 2 2
Radio And Television Production Services Search More
Railway Engineering Search More
Reclamation Centres 1 1 2
Recording Studios 1 1
Refrigeration Equipment Manufacture / Supply Search More
Refuse Equipment Manufacture & Supply Search More
Road Haulage And Transport Services 6 6
Roads Construction Of Search More
Roller Shutters 1 1
Rubber Manufacturer Search More
Safety Advisers And Technicians Search More
Scales Manufacturers Of Search More
Sealant Manufacturer Search More
Security Activities 1 1
Sewing Machines Suppliers Search More
Sheet Metal Fabricators 1 1
Shopfitting Contractors 2 2
Sign And Nameplate Suppliers 4 4
Soap Maker Search More
Soft Drink Supplier Search More
Solar Energy Equipment Search More
Specialised Building Trade Contractors 1 1
Spring Manufacturers Search More
Stained And Coloured Glass Designers And Producers Search More
Steel Fabricators 3 3
Structural Engineers Search More
Telecommunication Services Search More
Textile Importers And Exporters Search More
Textile Manufacturers Of Search More
Textile Merchants Search More
Tile Stockists Search More
Training Services 4 4
Uncategorized Business 3 3
Vehicle Leasing And Contract Hire Search More
Vending Machines Supply 1 1
Video Production Companies Search More
Waste Disposal 1 1
Water Treatment Services Search More
Welding Services 1 2 3
Winches - Manufacture & Hire Search More
Wine Producer Search More
Woodturning Activities Search More
Workwear Hire Search More

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